Thursday, June 15, 2023

Capture the Flag

Awhile back, I fired up some VMs on my laptop and did some CaptureTheFlag stuff. Since I have a couple of weeks off before I start work, I'm thinking it might be time for some more fun ;)

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

And Hello, new employer!

I start on July 3 with a vendor on the same project I was on, in the exact same role reporting to the exact same manager. But for a different company.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Farewell, old employer

My last shift at my employer just ended, so I am now officially unemployed. Probably not for long. Likely to be on with a vendor soon, in the exact same role. Kinda sad, though, because it was a good run. And if the vender doesn't work out, I have some other opportunities to follow up on as well.

Weird Science

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Last week!

This is my last week at my current employer, but I have a meeting with the boss and all the others who are directly impacted about a potential re-badge, so we would work for a vendor instead of directly for the company. He was supposed to be negotiating so that we would make roughly the same amount, have roughly the same benefits, but since it's a contractor, allowed to work remotely. I am leaning towards accepting that, because I have several options on the table for my living situation. Some of those options involve relocating ;) Option one is to keep renting, but pay off all of my bills. With just rent and utilities, I'd be able to survive on just unemployment if I absolutely had to, even while supporting my family. Next option is some land down south. Somewhere between 3 and 10 acres, with one (or two) derelict mobile homes on them. It's in the middle of nowhere, will cost next to nothing to obtain, and I would probably buy an RV to live out of while I completely strip those things down and rebuild them. They have their own wells and septic systems, so there's be no rent and just electric, which will eventually be solar. I'd still pay off my other bills, so they only recurring bill would be phone and Internet. A lot of hard work, though, but... No bills, and no nearby neighbors. ;) Also, no winters. lol... But I'd also own an RV, so more travel options. I've also been considering buying an old church and converting it to a residence. One of the most promising prospects is again south, so less harsh winters. But I'd likely not be able to pay off all my bills if I want to buy it outright. It's on 14 arces and in the middle of nowhere as well. It's less work than the previous option. No chance to immediately buy an RV if I bought the one I'm looking at, but still, no rent. Final option is to buy a house outright. What's in my price range would definitely need repairs but should be in habitable condition. I'm looking at one about an hour away which I may be able to pull off while still paying off the bulk of my bills, and honestly looks like it needs a paint job and new flooring throughout. It's in a nice village which I lived outside of before, and is plenty big enough. It would still have water and sewage, on top of electric, and I'd have neighbors. But this village goes all out for Halloween, which is the only holiday that really matters. lol. The house has a fireplace, but no AC, so I'd have to deal with that. It's on about half an acre, so the yard is plenty big enough. There's also a detached garage which is listed as 1-car, but appears to have enough space for a small apartment in it as well, which I could probably convert to a studio. I could potentially buy an RV, since the house would be habitable, either a van/truck to build out as a stealth RV, or a bus to build a skoolie out of. But I wouldn't necessarily have to stay local, either, though I do kinda like where that one is at. Good thing is that I don't have to decide immediately, especially if there is a re-badge option with no (or little) break in employment. Regardless, there is a new chapter coming. I mostly wanted to put some of my thoughts in writing and see if that helps me figure out where my head is ;) My wife and kids get a huge say, of course, but I want to be able to present the options to them and be able to address the pros and cons of each. I think this helped some. (And if anyone is still reading this blog in 2023 and wants to weigh in via comments, it would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thursday, June 1, 2023

T-7 days!

I have 7 work days left at my current employer, but there is a chance of just getting re-badged as a contractor and continuing doing what I'm currently doing. I haven't really actively sought anything else because I want to see where I am after June 9 but have been entertaining the opportunities which have popped up over the past month or so. Turns out waiting may have been the best choice ;)