Friday, March 1, 2024

Favorite Books: Old Man's War

This series for books will be similar to the album covers I did for February, except I plan on making it an ongoing Frday thing, and I plan on including a little commentary in the post instead of adding a comment later. I also will not be crossposting to Facebook, because that's just too much work. And again, they are in random order.

I discovered John Scalzi several years ago at Penuicon when he filled in for Wil Wheaton as a guest. I had never heard of him before that, but he was likable and I enjoyed all of the panels he was on and such, so I decided to check him out. Natually, I had to start with his first traditionally-published science fiction novel, and immediately got hooked on his writing.

There are other books of his in my library which I may enjoy even more, but without this one I would not have known his writing at all. That, I think, is enough to land Old Man's War on this list.

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